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Course description

This is the Sweet Talk Tribe.

Would you love to learn Sweet Talk?

Sweet Talk is the language which emerges from your heart when you value the power of your existence over other’s opinions.

I have put together the Sweet Talk Tribe Masterclass to share this beautiful language with you. We will ⭐️exchange phrases, ♥️heartsets and 💃🏿cultural nuances.

🥰Adapt key words that shift your soul
🥰Feel the difference in your body
🥰Move your heart and mind towards your ultimate purpose

All with sweet talk.

Sound like the place you want to be?

Every week or two weeks a new module will be released for you to apply in your life to calm your chaos.

Beginning with the course material for 10 Epic Days. Then the five week intensives. 

I created this option to serve women who are not ready for the fast pace of the 5 Week intensive courses.

We will have monthly meetings in zoom the last Sunday of the month. These are opportunities to better connect with your sisters in the journey and to get know me personally.

Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar
Holistic Life Coach and Founder of Workout Around My Day

Cordelia Gaffar is the Founder of Workout Around My Day, an international best-selling author, world class speaker,  and mom of 6. After the birth of her second child, she sought medical attention for postpartum depression and extreme weight gain which led to her studies in nutrition, exercise, and mindset. In less than a year, she lost over 60 pounds, found her sanctuary, became nourished and energized. With that transformation, it became her mission to hone that superpower and help women to do the same. In the journey of continuing to have more children, she found that women needed more tools. She began helping women in workshops after she published her first book in 2015. Over the course of a year between workshops and coaching clients, she published two more books and recently co-authored one. That is when the Body Soul Shift emerged. 

She began studies to become a certified Essentrics instructor and incorporated it with her love of dance to make a dynamic 90 minute body Soul connected group session where women identify and release their emotional baggage. Between the summer and fall of 2018 after a retreat to Bali, she decided to combine the physical and emotional in a complete solution for women called the Body Soul Shift. She speaks internationally, offers group coaching programs as well as self-paced online programs to meet you where you are and propel you to where you aspire to. She says, “ the favorite part of what I do is helping women to have a Body Soul Shift through dropping into body and heart, acknowledging their emotional state as a power source and playing so that they can share their ultimate gift with the world.  In my 5 step Body Soul Shift method, step four is Radiate. That means that we begin to emanate our inner world and what we truly desire gravitates towards us. After dropping into your body and heart, you begin to welcome the beauty of feelings and connect with your emotions as a power source.”

“Life prepares us for blessings through opportunities to better understand gratitude.”~Cordelia Gaffar

She is a #1 International Bestselling Author of  Ramadan Food Hacks, Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need and her latest release The Art of Unlearning Volume 2: The Power of Perseverance all available on Amazon.

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