How to Calm the Chaos Within | taught by Cordelia Gaffar

Course description

Those of you who struggle with emotional or stress eating, falling off track with commitments to yourself.

Invest in yourself the same as if you were going for a facial, massage or education. It is an education on how to break the cycle. 

🧘‍♀️This is the only body you will ever have, the only life, time, make it an epic adventure.

Even if you are not a group person, the element of sisterhood may pleasantly surprise you.😜

Believe it or not I wasn't a group person either before, I started my Chaos to Calm group 😯

This is an abbreviated version of my Workout Around My Day: 3 Steps to A Lifetime of Wellness course which you may start upon completing this adventure.

NOTE: You may upgrade to $10 per day to include supplements. (see details below)

Let's start that epic summer adventure together!

Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar
Holistic Life Coach and Founder of Workout Around My Day

Cordelia Gaffar is a published author, speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, a former corporate accountant, and mom of 6. Her YouTube Video was whitelist in 2017 on International Women's Day. She is the hostess of the Replenish Me show on the Progressive Radio Network and featured on the Sunday morning show on Radio 786 in Cape Town, South Africa about "Tips to Get Fit at your Own Pace” April 2018.

After the birth of her second child, she sought medical attention for postpartum depression and extreme weight gain which led to her studies in nutrition, exercise, and mindset. In less than a year, she lost over 60 pounds and regained clarity and joy. With that transformation, it became her mission to hone that superpower and help women to do the same. 

She helps women to build a system of self-nurturing to get from chaos and stress to clarity and joy improving both her professional and intimate relationships.

She is a #1 International Bestselling Author of  Ramadan Food Hacks, Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need and her latest release The Art of Unlearning Volume 2: The Power of Perseveranceall available on Amazon.

She is also a WomanSpeak Certified Speaker and Sports Nutrition Certified.

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