taught by Cordelia Gaffar

Course description

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to a lifetime of wellness.

For the next three weeks, you will reshape your mindset surrounding eating through portion control, mindful food choices, and exercises to include in your daily routine.


  • Re-connect with your body, your needs and slow down
  • Learn how to reduce your portion size and be fuller for longer
  • Learn new types of “fast food”
  • Learn how to nurture and sweet talk yourself
  • Energize yourself with new moves

Working with Cordelia

Karen Bettis, entrepreneur - Cordelia, thank you so much for caring enough about your sisters to put in all the hard work that you did in order to get this off the ground, the support during the course and the final masterclass. You are amazing and I appreciate you.



The weekly themes are as follows:

Week One: Be Mindful - 7 Day Portion Control

Week Two: Food is Fuel - Plan

Week Three: 7 Days to More Energy

Bonus Material:

  • Movement recommendations – each week a handout will include adding more movement
  • Eating Schedule – after you see your pattern of eating times each move closer to ideal eating schedule. portion control, record what you eat, (plan to make better choices as well as smaller portions)
  • Recipes from the Workout Around My Day: the Only Health Guide Moms Need

Zaneta Trent, mom of 2, You have been a huge inspiration and motivation.

.....motivation to eat healthier.

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Cordelia Gaffar, The Stress Less Mom
Workout Around My Day Inc.

Cordelia Gaffar
Cordelia Gaffar
Transformational Life Coach and Founder of Workout Around My Day

Cordelia Gaffar is a Transformational Coach inspiring women to use self-compassion to make an impact and be fulfilled. 

She also serves as the Social Media and Branding Chairperson for ALL (All Ladies League) on the Entrepreneur committee for the USA and as a member of the same committee for UK WEF. Award winning author and speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, hostess of  the Replenish Me show, Founder of Workout Around My Day.

Her mission is to help women to use my process, the  Body Soul Shift, so that she can radiate her true self and be aligned in all areas of life. She offers 1:1, group coaching programs and self-paced online programs.

“Life prepares us for blessings through opportunities to better understand gratitude.”~Cordelia Gaffar

She is a #1 International Bestselling Author of  Ramadan Food Hacks, Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need and her latest release The Art of Unlearning Volume 2: The Power of Perseverance all available on Amazon.

Here most recent release is  America's Leading Ladies

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